As well as a wide range of products mentioned on the home page, here are a few locally produced goods you might not realise we now stock.

Trioni Dairy

We stock Daioni premium quality organic fresh milk. It is available in whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed polybottles in 500ml, 1 Litre and 2 Litre sizes.

We also stock flavoured semi-skimmed milk drinks in strawberry, chocolate and banana flavours.

Also available now are the amazing Daionic Pro Nutrition shakes, just the thing to refuel after exercise!


Casa del Cymru Fresh Pasta

Casa del Cymru is a new enterprise making the finest quality pasta for the discerning British public by making the most of the fantastic natural ingredients which abound in rural Wales.
Casa del Cymru’s pasta is made in the idyllic village of Llechryd on the banks of the river Teifi; using organic flour grown and milled in Oxford, local Welsh eggs and rapeseed oil.
We have regular deliveries of this excellent pasta, and it really is the ultimate convenience food.  Put it in boiling water for just 60 seconds when fresh, or 90 seconds from frozen!

Flavoured Pastas

Spinach and cracked black pepper
Seaweed and chilli (egg pasta)
Beetroot and roasted garlic
Carrot and citrus
Carrot and orange
Squid ink
Organic wholemeal (egg pasta)


Smoked Swansea Salmon with sweet red pepper, dill, ricotta and lime
Spinach, chives and Caws Cenarth Caerphilly
Ham, soft cheese and fresh flat leaf parsley
Smoked Swansea mackerel, spinach, Mascarpone and lime
Roasted butternut squash with double cream and nutmeg
Goats cheese, fresh spinach and chives
Cardigan bay crab with mascarpone and lime
Perl las cheese with chives and walnuts


Caws Teifi Cheese

Teifi Original is a Gouda style cheese, with a dense, smooth and creamy texture. Its mellow, slightly sweet flavour becomes deeper and richer with age and when very mature develops characteristics similar to Parmesan cheese. 
Teifi is also available with Seaweed (Welsh Laverbread), Nettle, Cumin Seed, Garlic and Onion, and Sweet Pepper. 


Merlin Cheeses

Merlin cheeses are produced locally in the village of Pontrhydygroes and are all handmade,  waxed and vacuum packed to give long shelf lives.
We stock a good variety of these cheeses, listed below are the different flavours available in the 200g round package, and we also stock the 300g rectangular packages as shown in the picture.
King Arthur – a plain mature
Lady Guinevere – with ginger
Sir Lancelot – with garlic & chives
Sir Mordred – with mustard seed
Sir Bedwyr – with pear & cinnamon
Sir Caradoc – with mint
Sir Galahad – with rosemary & sun dried tomato
Sir Gawain – with olives
Excalabur – with chillies
Lady Morgana – with garlic & coriander
Black Knight – with chocolate
Lady of the Lake – with nettles
Sir Percival – with apricots 


Mantle Brewery

Bragdy Mantle Brewery is a family-run micro brewery proudly producing quality Welsh Real Ales. Their distinctive ales are crafted on the border of Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire in the picturesque market town of Cardigan.
The brewery is a modern facility, and by utilising traditional techniques and natural ingredients they brew a range of quality ales that remind you what beer should taste like.
We stock a range of their beers including Rock Steady, Moho, Cwrw Teifi and Dark Heart.

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